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05 April 2011 @ 01:13 pm
Psst! Pass It On is coming!  

April 14–17

Amberglen Center
19545 NW Von Neumann

(Map & Directions)

Open to the public:

Click here for our calendar 

Yes it’s true, Spring is here and that means the first Pass It On Sale of 2011 is nearly upon us. For those of you who have not experienced the wonder of the deservingly named “Oregon’s Premier Children’s Consignment Event” I highly recommend it. Wisely aimed at parents and parents-to-be, PIO is a treasure for anyone who has a child in their life or is a child at heart.  

In less than 2 weeks Pass It On will grace its newest location in Hillsboro’s Tanasbourne neighborhood, just a few miles northwest of downtown Portland. 19545 NW Von Neumann is an easy commute from anywhere in the Metro (free parking) and a short walk from Trimet (47, 48, 52 and Blue Max). Best of all, the sale is open late for working parents and Sunday features half priced items (bargains!).  Oh and yes they accept credit/debt cards with a reasonable minimum purchase ($15).

The first year I attended Pass It On, I not only bought items for my newborn son, but also for myself, my spouse and a dear co-worker whose baby shower I had missed. Everything I purchased was gently used or new and I spent less than $40 on a pile of goodies that would have easily cost me $150 retail (list below).

12 brand-name bottles still in original packaging with extra nipples
2 fleece snowsuits
3 fleece footed sleepers (one was a tiger that later doubled as Halloween costume)
3 extra large cotton swaddling blankets
2 baby nutrition/care books
a neat wooden burr puzzle
a brand new quilted body-bag style sleeper (gift)

Granted I went on the final day of the sale, Sunday when many of the items were advertised to be half price. I am a veteran thriftier and frankly I didn’t expect much to be left after 3 days. My experience with similar sales is the last day is frantic and more than a bit messy but the bargains are there if you’re willing to dig, so I figured Pass It On was worth a try.

My assumptions could not have been more wrong. From first to last Pass It On was an organized pleasure. From the greeters at the door, to the merchandise and check out everything was clearly designed to make the client comfortable. The racks were easy to browse, the prices were clearly marked and all the items were squeaky clean and in extremely nice shape. There was plenty in stock to choose from. And honestly if I had more funds I would have purchased much, much more.

I have been to 3 subsequent sales and each time I had the same experience. I have also talked to dozens of folks who use PIO as their primary source for their children’s clothing and have nothing but great things to say about it. In short, Pass It On has been an awesome blessing for our family and I will continue to shop every sale within the Portland area.

My advice is to block out sometime, make a list and check out the Pass It On Sale.
The Kestrelcat