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08 April 2012 @ 09:45 pm
Back to Our Regular Scheduled Posting  

Hello all and Hoppy Easter Evening to those of you that celebrate.

As you might have noticed PDXFF has been silent for over a fortnight. No worries that. Just a bit of RL that had to been taken care of, but now it’s settled I’ll be back to posting of all things thrifty on my end of the world.

To that end I’m going to start with a hat-tip to one of my LJ friends CLD.

Like me Lady CLD is a mother and an artist who enjoys stretching pennies till they scream. Over the last several weeks she’s posted a mountain of awesome frugal recipes that are really simple and yummy. She’s on her 9th edition now and they are well worth a read. Be aware that her journal is currently friends locked so you’ll have to friend her first, but again I recommend it.

Finally I’d like to close this PSA by addressing a couple of private messages I have received regarding my Consignment Sale and Frugal Things to Do This Week postings. No I am not in anyway associated with the businesses or organizations I write about. Period. Read the sticky note already <rolls eyes>. Got it? Good. 

Frugally yours-

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