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28 November 2012 @ 01:52 am
Wednesday’s Recipe ReWind - November 28th Edition  

....because some recipes just bear repeating

Today’s rewind centers on my MIL’s Raisin Cake which posted here earlier this year. Karen usually bakes Raisin Cake during the Holiday Season and recommends frosting it with uncooked butter and powdered sugar icing flavored with a bit of coffee instead of milk, if desired. Raisin Cake rarely lasts long enough around my house to bother with frosting. Raisin Cake freezes well and makes a sweet gift or potluck dish. I generally make a batch of this cake every couple months, freeze and defrost as needed.

When at all possible buy your spice whole in bulk and grind as needed. Whole spices can last up to two years in an air and light tight container without any loss of flavor. To grind simply load into your coffee grinder and pluse until powdered.  The flavor boost is worth the extra time and investment. My coffee grinder is well over 10 years old and I use it several times a week. Oh an’ unless you like your coffee spicy be sure to dust the grinder thoroughly afore making your next pot o Joe.