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21 August 2016 @ 09:41 pm
Fall is coming.....Whoot!  

Woke to MUCH cooler temperatures today, thank the Gods! I am still recovering from the intense heat and light but I think I will survive after a few more days RnR. This PDX weather really wears me out!

I now seem to be stuck a semi nocturnal schedule. LOL It's working but I am sleeping most of the day which is interesting. Only really a problem if I have to make an appointment or wait for something to open.

Got up awhile afore dawn to water, sweep and do my active chores. Felt like I was racing the sun. But with LM's help I got everything done in good time. The dust bunnies are slayed for another week and everything is caught up. I have even got the wash and the dishes sorted before 9am. Nice!

Since it was still in the 60's LM and I ventured out to the shops after breakfast mostly to stretch our legs. The heat has shot my daily step goals all to Hades this month. Wish I could get step credit for sweating in place. Don't think there's a setting for that. Skip dove a couple new pots for the garden. In perfectly good shape, too! Picked up some dairy and onions so I could fill a cooking request. Also watched folks rush around complaining about back to school, the heat and other things we have absolutely no control over. Humans!

I was happy to see the Halloween and Fallish decorations are starting to make an appearance around town. I am so ready for the Holiday and I think everyone else is too. Our neighborhood really goes all out. Which is happy making and super fun for us. Best of all our local Halloween pop-up store will be opening it's doors in less than a fortnight. I love that place. They carry my size and they have the neatest household decor and accessories.

I was ready for my sleep cycle when I got in. Fortunately so was LM so we rested til his dinner. I must have worn him out because he went right back to bed after his meal. A good thing.

Now I am sitting having a lovely iced coffee and listening to Nox Arcana with DSB. If you are looking for nice newer Goth music, something for your haunted house installation or next week's D&D game check them out. Very listenable and it's obvious that these folks are both geeks and very talented. A rare treat.

Now to do a few Mama-do's and check the gardens.
Stay cool y'all

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