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24 August 2016 @ 03:58 pm
A Wee Miracle  

Twas lovely n chilly over night so I got some much needed deep sleep. LM let me lie in past 8am. Gasp! It was a Miracle I tell ya!

Me without enough rest is no bueno. Worse than no coffee.

So had a later that usual start but got my active chores done no worries. Then I did my books and treated myself to a baking session with LM. Made Coconut Blondies, Vegan Impossible Pumpkin Pie and batch of Mocha Cold Brew.

This is one of the upsides to twice a month batch cooking most of our meals. If I want to do something special I got the time. Baking for me is very relaxing. Edible chemistry + recess. The only hard part is waiting for stuff to cool. LOL

Then I applied myself to the outgrown clothes LM and I pulled from his wardrobe last week. Divided the worn out and only good for upcycling pieces from the stuff I am going to sell and or donate. There's a lot to do but I made a good start.

Tonight I am working in the back yard transplanting the last of the overcrowded herbs and setting up my first Fall crops. The heat really slowed my bigger gardening projects down but I hoping for an Oasis come late Fall.

Off to sample the yummies-

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